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A group photo for Christian Women Fellowship Annual General Meeting on 19th February 2021
The CWF mainly known as the Christian women Fellowship is one of the church of Uganda departments. It started during the regime of the Late Archbishop Rt. Rev. Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo by the time he was the Bishop of Mukono Diocese in 1980s. His main dream was to see a women Fellowship start and be sustained by helping the women to get involved in preaching the Gospel, growing socially and economically.
Christian women Fellowship has membership of all ladies 12 years and above who were baptized and confirmed in the Christian faith (Church of Uganda) . This Fellowship in 1980s it started with few members, about 20 but currently 2019 it has more than 2000 members. In this case we consider only those women who pay membership, every year each woman pays 10,000/=.

The work of mobilizing the women is normally done by the CWF executives of all level, the priests’ wives, the community Development Coordinator the president and Maama Bishop.
The CWF department make a change in its leadership according to its by- laws in the constitution and the constitution of the church of Uganda. For that reason there is change of leadership every after 4 years and if the leader is given another term of serving in the same position, she only serves for more 4yrs a total of 8yrs only.

Allow me to mention only the presidents who have served in CWF from 1980s to 2019 respectively.
  1. Mrs.Merabu Kagwa.
  2. Mrs. Justine Nampiima.
  3. Mrs. Justine Kigozi.
  4. The Late Mrs. Florence Muwangala .
  5. Mrs. Jane Musanje is now the current president of CWF.

This Fellowship parts pate in different activities in church and in the community. They serve as Ushers in church, preach the Gospel in schools, prisons, church, Hospitals and in the society they live. They also teach each other they of developing economically and spiritually. They teach the children the Christian faith and their responsibilities especially during the confirmation classes.
Your in service:

Mrs. Kasozi Racheal Ssebina
The Community Development Coorditor Mukono Diocese


CWF at the world women day for prayer held at Bishop West Boarding Primary School
CWF during the celebration of the International Women Day for Prayers 2nd March 2018
CWF President Jane Musanje with young recruits
CWFs clad in their uniform
A group photo for Christian Women Fellowship Annual General Meeting on 19th February 2021
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