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Kisoga CDC: Kisoga child development Centre is one of the 11 Compassion assisted projects that make up Mukono cluster. It started in October 1998 with only 45 children who were sponsored through the child development sponsorship programme (CDSP). Its located 12kms south of Mukono town in a village called Kisoga along Mukono Katosi road. It’s under Kisoga parish with St Andrews church being the local implementing church. During the last financial year 2017/18 we were introduced to home based sponsorship. Home based sponsorship is for children of 1 year and when they turn 5 years, they are transitioned to Center based programme. At the moment there are 32 beneficiaries in this category.
Kitinbwa CDC: St. Andrew’s church Kitimbwa through Mukono Diocese partners with Compassion International Uganda to release children from all forms of poverty in Jesus’ Name. The projects commits herself to stand in for children, restoring them in the knowledge and fear of God. The project started in March 1999 with Rev. Livingstone Ngobi as the overseer and 119 children registered under CDSP. Kitimbwa Child Development Centre is located in Central Uganda, in Kayunga District, along Bbale Galilaya Road, 17 km from Kayunga town. Currently the project has 317 registered children and 19 survival units.
To achieve the above outcomes, a total budget of UGX 355,280,800/= will be considered and will cover a period of 12 months effective 1st/July/2019 to 31st/June /2020.
Makindu CDC: The project is located in Buikwe district along Kiyingi road, Najja sub-county, Mawoto Parish near the landing site and comprised of Luganda speaking people who are mainly peasant farmers and fish mongers. We minister to different areas organized in zones including Makindu, Wambogwe, Kabubiro, Buleega, Mawoto, Kateete, and Bulere that are all in the range of three kilometers that are easily accessible for easy monitoring. Project capacity: The project currently takes care of 328 children, 16 in the Survival program, 36 in home based program, and 276 in the Centre based program. Over the last 20 years, we have nurtured and discipled over 80 beneficiaries who have positively exited the program with various professions and vocational skills. 10 of these were former beneficiaries of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) who graduated in various disciplines and professions and are highly influential to their communities, families and the Nation. Beneficiary selection; We register children from all denominations of faith i.e. Muslims, Catholics, Anglicans, and SDAs etc. the registration process is free and fair and involves all stake holders strictly using the CI-UG beneficiary criteria as our guiding tool. Program model; We fully implement the C.I holistic program model which covers the following core programs Survival program; In the survival program, we care for pregnant mothers and children up to one year when they join the sponsorship program. This reduced the maternal and infant mortality in the community. Home-based program; which caters for beneficiaries 1-2years of age



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