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I greet you all people of God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

At this time when the whole world is at stake by COVID 19, I call upon you all not despair; the Bible assures us that our God is Alpha and Omega (the beginning and end). Brethren God knows everything in our lives, what we do and what is around us. He is very aware of what is taking place and He is ready to listen to our cries; That is why I am calling upon everyone to fix our eyes to Him.
One writer wrote “…the distance between your problem and the solution to that problem is equivalent to the distance between your knee and the ground…” What he or she meant was that when facing a challenge, the moment your knee touches the ground and begin to pray, you have already found a solution to your problem. Therefore, we all need to go to our knees and cry to God for deliverance; for the solution to the Corona virus.

At such a time of muddle; remember that the Corona Virus does not discriminate whether religion, education level, age, tribe, sex, colour or where you come from. This is a warning to all Ugandans not yet infected by COVID 19 to be very careful so as to avoid being infected. Unfortunately, people are still living their lousy way of life as if nothing is happening in the country and people think that they have peace to do whatever they want but THERE IS GREAT DANGER IN OUR MIDST!!!!!!. To those infected God is our redeemer physically and spiritually. Parents now that children are back at home you should take charge to instruct them how to avoid the epidemic. Restrict them from unnecessary movements and instead encourage them to revise their books, also do domestic work and have quality time with them to build their future. Help them not to be obsessed by televisions but watch only value addition films not destructive.

I also urge to political leaders to desist from politicizing the crisis of COVID19 it is a serious pandemic which has claimed millions of lives.
To business people, it is not a time to gain fraud profit, otherwise you may also die without enjoying it. Instead let us support and be mindful of one another to survive this plague.
To all Ugandans, it should be noted that the closure of worship places is not the closure of the Church of Christ but measures to control the epidemic of the Corona virus. Therefore, to our Christians and members of our church you should remember that the Church is not only the building per say, but also Christians getting together with Christ in their midst. Jesus promised that where Two or Three come together in his name, He will always be there with them. (Matt.18:20).

2 Chronicles 7:14 he says “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land” Who knows apart from Him why we are hit by this epidemic and attacked by locust at the same time?
The important thing at this time is not to search for answers but to turn Him who is the Alpha and the Omega (the beginning and the end). It should be noted that it is at such time when we urgently need God’s intervention for He is Omnipotent and Omniscient (Almighty/ Powerful and wise, seeing and all knowing).
At our Mukono Diocesan Board of Faith and Order we agreed to uphold the Presidential and Health ministry directives for parental guidance and preventive measures. The Board also gave guidelines of worship through this period.

  1. No Church building should to be opened until it is announced so by the Head of State.
  2. Prayers and intercessions should go on at our homes, zones and home cells.
  3. Those that gather to pray should not exceed ten people as directed; avoid Handshakes and hugs as have been so prohibited.
  4. Every home and offices must improvise hand washing facilities (water, soap or sanitizers)
  5. Members of our Church should remember that the closure of Churches does not mean closure of ministerial duties; therefore, you should do all you can to support church ministers to carry on God’s work. When you gather, give in your offertories, tithes, pledges, thanks giving or use any other means to support work at the Church, Parish, Archdeaconry, Diocese and Provincial level as well.
  6. Christians can also give their offertory using church bank accounts or mobile money numbers that will be given to them by their Church ministers and it should be recorded in church account books. Remember to be faithful.
  7. Every minister is responsible to ensure that the gospel is preached through different ways in season and out of season; however observing the “social distance.’ You can use mega phones to serve as community radios; local leaders need to be informed.
  8. Report cases of people with the following signs to the authorities. <+> Un common fever <+> Difficulty in breathing <+> Cough <+> Sore throat <+> Running nose <+> Sneezing <+> Body weakness
  9. We should all pray and intercede to God to find a solution to this epidemic and also finding the right vaccine for it.
  10. Lastly, do not forget that there are other dangerous diseases and many other things that can claim your life. Besides our life span is very short (Psalm. 39:5). To be on safe side be insured by the BLOOD OF JESUS free of charge. (Matt.11:28)

God bless you!

The Rt. Rev. James William Ssebaggala

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